What I did on the weekend

Hi my name is Deegan and I am going to tell you what I did on the weekend. On Friday my brother and dad went to go play squash while mum and I studied for my up coming tests. image

When dad and my brother Jay got home we had dinner which was gnocchi and it was amazing. While we had dinner we watch Corpse Bride it was really cool.



On Saturday I did seven hours of study, that night my family and I went to watch an Australian Pop Academy (APA) concert which a friend of ours owns. My cousin Jude was in it along with some of his other friends. After the concert was over we went to Jude’s house and had a sleep over. There were six of us boys – Jay, Jude, Jake, Dom, Xavier and me. We didn’t get to sleep till 4:00am because we were playing Just Cause Three on the PS4. The only two people that went straight to sleep was Jude and Dom. In the morning we had some toast¬†for breakfast and later on mum and dad came to pick only me up so I could do some most study.image

When I got home I did some more study for only two hours this time. Then got ready to go out for dinner with Jude and his parents. We went to go eat at a place called Happy Chan’s in Northbridge.

When you walked in it looked like a laundry place but when you went through to the dinning area it totally looked different. It was a three story building. Every thing on the menu looked to classy for me so I just had a Asian bun which looked like a taco, it was good!

imageThat was my weekend, hope yours was just as eventful!